Executive Search

We are an outstanding option for small- and medium-size nonprofit organizations looking to quickly replace a resigning or retiring executive. We will manage all aspects of the search while keeping decision-making authority with the board. Technology tools increase convenience and allow a fully virtual search, if needed.

Succession Planning

If your executive has given you advance warning of a planned retirement (or are a leader preparing for your own retirement), we are happy to help you develop a plan for the transition that includes: timetable; communications; search and hire strategies; and transition/handoff.

Leadership Development

Are you looking for a new nonprofit executive opportunity—or maybe your first one? We are interested in helping rising leaders find roles that are a great fit for their passions and skill set. Contact us to learn more or submit your resume.

Recruiting Support

Do you have multiple openings to fill and need support to get the job done? We are here to help you! We have extensive experience in recruiting and hiring staff at all levels. We can put our recruiting, screening and interview tools to work for you and fill those positions quickly at an affordable price.

Empower Nonprofit Executive Search Makes Hiring Your Next Executive Easy!

Unmatched Support

We provide personalized, professional services fitted to your schedule and preferred communication methods.

Fully Virtual

Our technology tools allow meetings, interviews and candidate review on demand and through a variety of platforms.

Fast Turnaround

Thanks to our proven strategies and nonprofit experience we can complete most search-and-hire processes in 12-16 weeks.

Empower Nonprofit Executive Search

We are ready to help you hire your next leader