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Resource Development

We are committed to solving your greatest resource development challenges. We offer everything from high-value grant writing to coherent planning for your fundraising program.

Grant Writing

Writing is just a small part of a successful grant application process. The most important work comes before even one word is written: designing a quality project—complete with budget, implementation plan, outcome evaluation strategy and logical tracking and reporting tools—and matching that project to the right funders are the keys to getting grant dollars. Empower will help you design your project, find the right funder and write a compelling proposal that explains why your organization is a worthy investment target.

Fundraising Planning

Plan the work and work the plan; it’s really that simple. But what goes into the plan? Empower will assess your current fundraising efforts, consider your revenue goals and scan your giving environment. Then working with your fundraising leadership, we will help you craft a comprehensive but achievable plan for reaching your desired goals—one that includes a realistic cost and revenue budget and considers key marketing tie-ins (website, social media, email and more).

Board Training

In many organizations, it’s common for a significant portion of the fundraising responsibility to fall on the board of directors. But many boards are populated by activists, issue experts and hard-working supporters—fundraisers are a rare commodity. With the right training and support, Empower can help even board members with limited fundraising experience feel more confident in helping their organizations generate valuable resources. Learn about “Friendraising,” nurturing a culture of philanthropy and other strategies for success.