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Program Development

Whether you need help with launch, evaluation or improving outcomes, we can help with all your program development needs.

New Program Study, Design and Launch

Does your organization have an exciting programming opportunity but a lack of resources to take advantage of the situation? Or have you identified a need that seems a natural fit for your organization but you are struggling to develop and implement the right solution? Empower can help you on both fronts. We can provide guidance, perspective and an affordable capacity boost that will assess the feasibility of your new program, then help you ensure that it is both impactful and sustainable. In the process, we will address challenging topics like funding and staff recruitment and help you develop an effective evaluation plan before launch.

Program Evaluation

What does success look like and what are the best ways to measure outcomes and impact? Unfortunately, far too many organizations run programs for which they can’t answer these essential questions. Empower will help you make sense of the data you’ve already collected as well as develop assessment regimens that provide a clearer picture of programmatic outcomes. Then, we can help you package and disseminate the information in a manner that is easy to interpret by all of your organization’s stakeholders.

Program Troubleshooting and Improvement

Even top-tier nonprofits have programs that fail to meet expectations. Whether the issue is poor outcomes, cost overruns or excessive staff turnover, Empower can help you pinpoint the causes and develop an effective turnaround plan. Starting with a comprehensive program assessment, we will employ a regimen that stresses communication, collaboration and facilitation—our goal is to help nonprofits identify and solve problems themselves, earning staff and stakeholder buy-in throughout the process.