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Organizational Improvement

We help nonprofits achieve organizational improvement by facilitating strategic planning, training board members and upgrading volunteer programs.

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive planning process can be a transformative experience for a nonprofit organization, providing both an educational journey and a meaningful destination. The planning exercise forces leadership to consider and answer essential questions like “Why are we here?” and “Where are we going?” The resulting strategic plan serves as a roadmap for all of an organization’s stakeholders to use as they work to achieve their stated mission. Empower can guide you through the entire planning process, outlining the necessary steps, facilitating meetings and helping write the final plan.

Board Governance

Optimizing the relationship between leadership staff and volunteer board members is one of the biggest challenges of the nonprofit sector. Empower can help both sides work effectively to achieve the greatest good by looking at the issue from a number of angles. Whether you are considering a new governance model, need a better board orientation program or want to offer your board members training in fundraising or other topics, we can craft a personalized solution for your needs.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the secret weapon of the nonprofit sector, providing high-value labor—as well as a built-in pool of supporters and donor prospects—at below-market cost. Yet too many nonprofits struggle to recruit, manage and retain their volunteers. Empower can help you build a volunteer program well matched to your organization. Starting with a comprehensive needs assessment, we will identify programs that can be supported with volunteer labor. Then we will develop workable plans for recruiting, managing and sustaining this valuable resource.