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We can help you use communications to motivate your donors and build support for your nonprofit organization.

Writing, Editing and Publications

Whether you’re interested in a blog post or a book, Empower has the expertise to make sure your publication shares a compelling, actionable message about your organization with the right audience. With 25 years of publishing experience covering a wide variety of media, we are experts in achieving good through the power of written words. Case statements, white papers, proposals, grant reports, ask letters—we will deliver concise, powerful and attractive documents that inform recipients about the value of your organization and the impact delivered.

Messaging and Branding

Why? It’s a fair question and one that is constantly being asked about your organization—by prospective donors, government leaders, volunteers, even staff. Empower will help you answer that question effectively through a comprehensive message-development process. By scanning the environment, interviewing stakeholders and engaging staff, we will help you reveal the true why behind your organization’s existence. Coupled with an effective messaging/marketing plan (including brand development), your message will help elevate your organization to top of mind and the rightful place it deserves in your funding landscape.


Many small and medium-size nonprofits either think they can’t afford to invest in marketing or that they can get away with using social media and/or a simple website for the bulk of their marketing activities. Unfortunately, too many will learn the hard way that they are going to come be limited on revenue development with such a narrow approach. Under-resourced nonprofits—more than large organizations—need a comprehensive marketing plan that combines seamlessly with fundraising efforts. Empower can help even small nonprofits craft a full-featured, yet affordable, marketing plan that maximizes return on investment.